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Global Institute for Transformation, Geothirbhavan, Chethimattom, Pala, Kerala, India initiates this International Journal for Transformation of Consciousness. The seed for this centre of transformation was sowed and nurtured so that this centre could be the best in Kerala by Fr. Geo Kappalumackal, a priest from the diocese of Pala who had conducted research into the depth of human psyche and came up with the tool Psycho-religio Therapy in order to heal mental disorders and enhance mental capabilities. Fr. Geo entrusted this healing ministry after four decades of committed and praise worthy service to the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, Province of Kottayam with the intention to continue this creative empowerment and to raise it to siren heights. Stretching this creative vision towards a global dimension, Geothirbhavan is now publishing this Journal for Transformation with the objective to link the researchers and activists from all over the globe so that new theoretical frames could be developed and communicated. Also as well the experimentalists could verify/falsify them and the acquired knowledge on the dynamics of the consciousness could be utilized to develop tools for transformation.

This dynamical mission is guided by two visionaries, namely Dr. Ernest Rossi and Dr. Bhaskar Vyas who dedicated their lives to popularize transformation techniques in the United States and India respectively. Therefore, let us all work together along with them to maximize the human potential by eliminating stress and frustration from individual and collective consciousness and thus create a better and more hospitable world for human and all forms of life and the universe.


To Link the researchers who are in search for new models and theories on transformation and the experimenters who experiment with these models and theories in order to discover the best applicable ones and the activists who implement these meaningful ones into practice for the transformation of the individual self and the society so that a better, harmonious and peaceful world could be created.


Transfiguration through transformation of consciousness


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